Yacht charter corfu I The Corfu experience

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Corfu Yacht charter corfu I The Corfu experience

Corfu Private Tours & Luxury Experiences

Yacht charter corfu I The Corfu experience

Corfu Private Tours & Luxury Experiences

The Corfu experience Corfu Yacht Charter

Corfu Private Tours & Luxury Experiences

The Corfu Experience, corfu private tours

Corfu Private Tours & Luxury Experiences

Corfu Yacht Charters

Corfu Private Tours & Luxury Experiences

The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu

Feel the Relaxation in Luxury

Book Now, Pay Later

Pay 30% in advance 10 days before the tour and final payment on the day of the tour.

Luxury Private Tours
18 Thematic Experiences

Perfect idea for families, groups of friends, small corporate groups and cruise ship passengers.

Stay Safe

All travelers are covered by a liability policy during private tours.

The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu
5 Star Curated Services

We organize for you the most luxurious thematic tours in Corfu, with excellent reviews.

All Inclusive Price

All services of each tour (transfer, entrance fees, coffee break, tour guide, lunch) are included in ONE PRICE.

heart image Dream it. Live it.

These are the most luxurious Corfu Private Tours & Luxury Experiences from Local Experts. With our premium private sea and shore tours in Corfu, you will transcend the beauty of Corfu creating experiences that inspire and delight.


Travel your senses

Experience the tranquility of the landscape, the colors, the aura of the Corfu nature and feel strong emotions.

corfu old town

Discover hidden gems

Explore the authenticity behind the Corfiot traditions and everyday life.


Savour the local diversity

Let yourself connect to the Corfiot hospitality, people, history and culture.

Summer 2024

Corfu Private Tours

Choose your own Corfu Private Tour that suits your taste and enjoy authentic, personalized experiences that you will cherish forever.

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Private Luxury Shore Tours 2024


from our beloved travellers

We have never expected to have so bright moments during only one day. We have visited places in Corfu that most people don’t know actually exist and meet with authentic locals, who became the narrators of brilliant stories from the past. It was an unforgettable experience that we would heartily recommend.

Debby & Marion

Our tour of the villages of Corfu had many great surprises. We were surprised with the hospitality of common people in the alleyways of the villages and the fact that we always heard “good morning” from people standing outside their home. The cooking experience in the countryside was brilliant and our dish was delightful.

Philip M.

We were always searching for more and more things to see, touch, feel and hear. Original ideas of tours, contact with amazing locals and lovely organization of the whole experience.

Gary B.

We had a full experience with our friends and if we had much more time for holidays we would choose to spend it with you again, for sure. We never felt like common customers, but like friends and your guests. This was the most important to us and the most pleasant day of our holidays in Corfu. Thank you!

Jouni K.

We have been visiting Corfu for 20 years and “the corfu expereince” was a big surprise, a unique experience. Thank you for offering this tour of undiscovered places and making us learn about the culture of the countryside in Corfu, a place that we so much love.

Jan Erik
corfu olive oil tour

This is Greece

- Odysseas Elytis

If you deconstruct Greece, you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat remain. That is, with as much, you reconstruct her.

The Corfu Experience / Private tours Corfu

This is Greece

- Euripides

Experience, travel - these are an education themselves


This is Greece

- Henry Miller

It takes a lifetime to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her.


The Corfiot Life

Everyday Stories Learn more about the life on the island of Corfu. See all
Corfu Yacht Charters

No.1 Corfu Yacht Charters | Private Yacht Charter Corfu

The Corfu experience Corfu Yacht Charter

Corfu Yacht Charter with The Corfu Experience: Dive into an All-Inclusive Luxury Voyage


Revel in Exclusivity: Private Luxury Cruising Redefined with ‘The Corfu Experience

Corfu: A Cultural Paradise Teeming with Priceless Fragments of History

Corfu Folklore Private Tour, oregano

Oregano: The Ancient Greek Herb – A Culinary Journey Through Corfu

Private boat trip from corfu to paxos , The Corfu Experience

Boat Trip Corfu to Paxos: Top 3 Highlights | Book Now Your Corfu Private Boat Trip

Corfu Durrells Private Tour

Join Our Corfu Durrells Private Tour: Rediscover Corfu Through the Lens of The Durrells

corfu your from corfu town

Experience Corfu’s Hidden Wonders: Book Your Spot on Our Exclusive Thursday Group Tour from Corfu Town

Tours Corfu | Private Tours & Excursions in Corfu Island

Tours Corfu | Corfu Private Tours & Excursions in Corfu Island: Discover the Magic with The Corfu Experience

corfu cooking class

Corfu Cooking Class: A Gastronomical Adventure in Paradise

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