Cancellation Policy


The booking of each “Tour” for a specific – unique – date requires the commitment of the “Company” to provide a luxury bus or yacht, driver – skipper, tour guide and a few partners who will provide their services. as well as hospitality on their premises.

For the perfect organization, the excellent offer of the services described and for the successful completion of each “Tour”, the “Company” commits all its partners in time and advances all suppliers significant sums. The “Company” also undertakes specific obligations, such as to compensate the partners – suppliers, in case of cancellation for the whole price or part of it.

Therefore, in case of cancellation, charges will apply, which depend on the date of cancellation.

1)At the request of the “Participants”, the date of each “Tour” can be changed without any additional charge, under the general condition that the written request of the “Participants”, to change the date is communicated to the “Company” at least 7 (seven) calendar days before the initial agreement date. In this case, the “Participants” must select a new date they wish to take the “Tour”, and the “Company” will inform the “Participants” of the available dates.

2) In case of final cancellation of the “Tour” booked by the participants, through their own fault, no penalty is imposed, provided that the cancellation is announced in writing to the “Company” at least 7 (seven) calendar days before the agreed date.  If this cancellation is notified in less than 7 (seven) calendar days, then the following shall apply:

* Cancellation between 7 to 3 days before services begin: you will be charged 50% cancellation fee.

*Cancellation less than 3 calendar days or less before the service: you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

3)If, for any reason, there will be an interruption or final cancellation during an ”Tour”, by fault of the “Participants”, then there is no reason for a refund of the money.

4) If, for any reason, there is an interruption or permanent cancellation during a “Tour”, due to the fault of the “Company”, then the “Participants” will receive a full refund.

5)If, during an “Tour”, there will be an interruption or permanent cancellation by reason of force majeure (e.g. weather conditions, strike, events, accidents, earthquakes, fire, restrictions imposed by the government in certain areas or for any other type Emergency), then the “Participants” will receive a partial refund of their money, less the expenses already paid (if applicable) for benefits or services already performed, before the termination or final cancellation of the “Tour”.

6)If the weather conditions do not allow a safe excursion to take place, in this case your tour is canceled and you can choose another available date. If no date is available then you get a full refund.

7)In case of any possible delay in the flow or program of an “Tour”, by fault of the “Company” or due to force majeure, the program will continue and be completed normally, and this delay will not change or burden the agreed costs.