Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I request the replacement of a visit to a certain point of interest with another?

Of course you can, but you are advised to give notice of this change to us promptly in order to make recommendations of alternative points which you can visit.

Can I transfer my reservation of the experiential tour to another person?

The answer is yes, on the condition that you do not change the dates of the tour.

Can my experiential tour start later than 09.00?

Yes, on the condition that you give notice of your preferred starting time to us promptly, while you are also kindly asked to accept the new schedule sent.

Can I add extra members to the tour without prior notice?

Yes, you can even at the last minute, just before the starting time of the experiential tour, on the condition that the total number of the participants does not exceed 14.

How can I make a reservation for an experiential Luxuxry Private Tour?

Choose your preferred experiential tour, define the date, total number of participants, duration and your reservation will be completed as soon as you make the down payment.

Can I cancel an experiential Luxuxry Private Tour?

Yes, according to certain terms and conditions and depending on the time that you would like to cancel it. For more details please read carefully our “Terms and Conditions”.

Are children allowed to join a tour without a childminder?

No, children under 18 years old are obliged to be accompanied by their parents or legal representatives or guardians.

How can I contact with you?

Just click “Enquire now” to send a message for any enquiries concerning the experiential tours or you can send an email clicking the “Contact” button for general info or any other matter.